PHP Insights v1.13.0 release

Thanks to @50bhan, @jibbarth, @Bastien_Phi for the amazing work on release v1.13 of PHP Insights!

GitHub action output support

In this new version a new formatter has been added for rendering the results to a GitHub action supported output. This means if you run PHP Insights with GitHub actions, you can now use the parameter --format=github-action and all of the insights will be displayed inline.

Screenshot of GitHub Action formatter

An example of the output and how to set it up can be found here.

Thanks @jibbarth, for this contribution!

Sorting issues

Issues are now sorted, which means it is now much easier to fix all issues, as they are grouped by the file in each insight.

Sorted images screenshot

Thanks @Bastien_Phi, for this contribution!

Custom output

It is now possible to define a custom output, simply supply a class which implements Formatter and PHP Insights will be using that one.

phpinsights analyse --format=\\MyNamespace\\Class

Multiple formats in output

The tool now also supports specifying mulitple formatters, simply add multiple --format args.

phpinsights analyse --format=json --format=github-action

Improved JSON output

The JSON output now also contains an attribute called diff, which contains the diff for the specified code. A schema file is available to see the full JSON output format.

More reliable results

Some improvements were made, so PHP Insights gives better results.

Don’t crash on empty namespace

A bug was fixed, which caused PHP Insights when a namespace was added without a name on the namespace.

Thanks @50bhan for fixing this!

Checking PHP version in composer

As v.1.12 added support for Slevomat Coding Standard v6, some new insights were added which supports native type hints from PHP 7.4. However many open source projects run php insights on multiple php version, which caused it to fail when testing on PHP 7.4, but not on any lower versions. This feature added support for checking the php version specified in composer.json and disable native type hint checking if PHP version is before 7.4.

This project is powered by the community, so feel free to contribute as there always are ways to help out. We can be found on GitHub at nunomaduro/phpinsights.

Written on February 13, 2020
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