PHP Insights v1.14.0 release

Thanks to @50bhan, @wioncy, @Bastien_Phi, @jibbarth and @enunomaduro for the amazing work on release v1.13 of PHP Insights!

Laravel 7 support

There is now support for Laravel 7! However using Laravel 7 with PHP Insights requires PHP 7.3+ and PHPUnit 9.0+.

If installation is failing, then upgrade phpunit with

composer require --dev phpunit/phpunit:^9.0 --update-with-dependencies

and then you can install/update PHP Insights.

Thanks @Bastien_Phi, for this contribution and @jibbarth for testing it out!

Better Laravel support

PHP Insights now also reports usage of ddd and tinker helpers, as they shouldn’t be in the production code.
When using closures with Laravel, it will not report it as an error anymore, to not use static closures.

Thanks @enunomaduro and @OliverNybroe for this contribution!

Setting min requirements in configuration file

It is now possible to define the min requirements for each metric directly in the config file, instead of as commandline arguments.
This can be done by adding the following to your configuration file

'requirements' => [
     'min-quality' => 0,
     'min-complexity' => 0,
     'min-architecture' => 0,
     'min-style' => 0,
     'disable-security-check' => false,

Thanks @wioncy for this contribution!

Aggregate diffs in the same error

We now aggregates diffs of the same file in the same error! Previous, we were advising users to remove code ( that was added on the omitted issues ). screenshot showing aggregation

Thanks @enunomaduro for this contribution!

Fixed bugs when running on invalid PHP code

Some invalid PHP code caused PHP Insights to crash or being stuck in an infinite loop.

Big thanks to @50bhan for finding the issues and viable long term solution to this problem!

This project is powered by the community, so feel free to contribute as there always are ways to help out. We can be found on GitHub at nunomaduro/phpinsights and remember to follow us on twitter (@phpinsights)!

Written on March 11, 2020
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